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We pledge to give our contribution to the Planet’s well-being and to the protection of the environment, and we are convinced that monitoring systems and technologies are essential to obtain human activities to have the lowest possible environmental impact.

We strongly believe that economic productivity and environmental preservation are not antagonist ideas, but they must run in parallel. The need of saving resources to preserve our Planet fits perfectly in an efficient economic model in which resources must be saved to avoid them to run out.


Circular Economy

Ekrome puts all its efforts in promoting and implementing full reuse of goods and full recycling of materials. Through our network of partners all over the World, we develop solutions suitable for different geographic areas and different levels of economic development.

Sustainable building

Ekrome plays in the field of sustainable building by designing residential and industrial solutions that comply to the environment of the specific World areas in which they are built, conserve energy and resources, make use of recycled materials and can be easily dismissed at the end of their life with low environmental impact.
We use the same principle both in large buildings and in flat renovation.

Freight transport

The market currently lacks of reliable freight transport. That’s why Ekrome, together with selected shipping companies, is developing a new framework for a reliable and green freight transport, based on means of transport equipped with environmentally-friendly propulsion and fully traceable, in which the delivery pathways with the lowest environmental impact are automatically calculated and selected.

Energy efficiency

Our technicians keep being on the lookout for new solutions to improve energy efficiency in buildings, civil and industrial areas.

Waste transport

Ekrome’s network of partners currently holds capabilities to transport up to 4.800 ton of waste per year, and it is still growing.

Software solutions

Software is the foundation of all our activities. Do you have an idea? Let’s turn it into a software together.


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